5 Virtual Ways to Celebrate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

It’s easy enough to find ways to celebrate and learn together when you’re able to gather in person, but what happens when everyone is still working remotely? As many of us have discovered since the start of the pandemic, virtual events take a bit more creativity and planning for attendees to feel engaged and connected. If you’re looking for ways to incorporate DEI events virtually, give these 5 ideas a try.

1. Family & Cultural Recipe Swap
Food, especially cherished recipes, has a way of taking down walls and bringing people together. To kick off a DEI week, hold a virtual family and cultural recipe swap and share. Staff can share recipes, photos, and stories about the dishes that bring their families and friends together and the ones they make again and again to celebrate special occasions and holidays.

2. DEI Trivia
Trivia themes aren’t limited to just movies and pop culture. Try testing your knowledge of DEI terms (unconscious bias, empathy, and microaggression are just a few), literature, arts, and history. Wondering how to play virtually? Try dividing players into small teams of 2 to 4, allow team members to discuss answers over a group call (no internet sleuthing allowed), and then text the group’s answer to the game moderator.

3. What Makes You Unique Show and Tell
The fun of a Show and Tell game isn’t reserved just for grade school kids. It works perfectly over Zoom or other conferencing apps for adults too. For a DEI-themed Show and Tell, have participants select a family heirloom or photo that they feel embodies who they are or is significant to them culturally or personally and then share why. Not only will your team learn more about the memories and experiences that make them who they are, you’ll also have a chance to connect separate from work—a definite plus as the pandemic rages on.

4. DEI Digital Wall
Create a digital wall and invite your team to post about who they are or what makes them unique. The American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, one of AMC’s association partners, recently was recently named a Power of A award winner for their commitment to DEI, which included the creation of two interactive walls—the I AM Wall and We Are Wall. With that as inspiration, we created a digital Grateful Wall for staff to share what they are most grateful for during these challenging times and the unique skills and talents they bring to their organization.

5. Digital Microlearning
It can be challenging, even in a virtual environment, to find time to sit through an hour-long educational session. Instead, try offering DEI education in small bite-sized pieces that can be easily absorbed in the few minutes between Zoom meetings and calls. A company intranet or even social media channel is ideal for bite-sized education. For a microlearning opportunity, post a DEI concept or term on each day to support our culture of learning and increase awareness of DEI among staff.

Post shared by Association Management Center. AMC is committed to building a workforce that is diverse across many dimensions including ability, age, gender, gender identity, education, ethnicity, nationality, political opinion, professional experience, race, racial identity, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status. http://connect2amc.com/

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