How-to Guides to Get it Right

Charting an Uncertain Future Through Scenario Planning

Scenario planning is a strategic method of addressing uncertainty in the future. Long used by corporate boards and executives, its application in association management is gaining traction. By describing several scenarios for the future and then thinking about the implications, you create a more prepared and agile organization. READ MORE

Financial Housekeeping 101

Ready to get your association or non-profit in financial share for 2021? Check out a few tips from our AMCs. READ MORE

Membership Engagement for Small-Staff Associations

For many associations, the #1 member benefit is networking. While nothing replaces face-to-face interactions, more than ever association executives also need to deploy a wider variety of engagement tools to ensure your members still feel connected to your organization, and to one another. Check out Personify's handy guide for tips and tried and true methods of member outreach in our expanding digital world. READ MORE

Tips to Diversify Non-Dues Revenue

Associations have long found innovative ways to do less. Yet the economic impact from the pandemic has put unprecedented pressure on finding new sources to continue to deliver value to members. With traditional centers like dues, events, and sponsorships facing notable decreases, where can new resources be tapped? READ MORE