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How to Partner With an AMC

Conduct an Organization Audit

It is important for nonprofit leaders to periodically conduct an organization audit identifying areas that could be enhanced. For example:

  • Are we delivering maximum impact for our members?
  • Are our programs the right programs and delivered in the right ways?
  • Are we current with our profession or market segment?
  • Do we have the right people in the right positions?

Once you have completed an organization audit, your board should evaluate whether the existing staff has the skills, tools and time necessary to enhance these areas. If not, your organization can choose to go in one of two directions: hire additional staff, or partner with an AMC for specialized management services.

Become Familiar with the AMC Model

From day-to-day operations to select management services, AMC Institute’s members are a valuable source of information and expertise to nonprofit organizations. Larger AMCs employ up to several hundred staff specialists, while smaller firms may have two or three professionals. What do they have in common? Across the board, AMC Institute AMCs provide a wealth of association management experience through proven best practices and shared resources. Because they manage more than one association, their skills and knowledge base are broad and substantial.

Prepare an RFP

Are you a consultant or an association volunteer? If so, we have resources that will help you through the process of searching for a management firm. We know that you have the important responsibility to make prudent choices for your organization.

Once you have read through the resources for consultants or association volunteers, you are ready to gather the information that is needed to fill out an online RFP. Utilizing our online RFP tool will enable you to reach our pool of members for proposals.

The process of preparing a Request for Proposal (RFP) is a process that will help your organization focus on goals and strategies of your organization.

After providing an overview of your organization, you'll be prompted to outline a scope of services including financial, meeting and membership details. Be as specific as possible, and avoid withholding financial information in the interest of trying to get a low-bid proposal.

Common expectations are critical to a successful relationship between an association and an AMC. To elaborate on specific strategic issues, your organization should upload its own RFP document.

When submitting your online RFP, make sure that you include:

  • Request for Proposals
  • Financial statements
  • Strategic Plan (if your organization has one).

Additionally, we suggest making sure that the deadline for initial submissions is at a minimum, 3-4 weeks. This is to ensure that you receive thorough proposals that are tailored directly to your organizations' needs.

The more information you provide about your organization, the higher quality proposals you will receive and the less time you will spend vetting questions.

Distribute Your RFP

Once you’ve prepared your RFP, the next step is to determine how best to distribute the information. Use AMC Institute’s online RFP service to solicit proposals from our highly qualified AMC members. You can also narrow your search by geographic location, size, accreditation status, client type or management specialization. 

Evaluate Proposals

When evaluating proposals and interviewing AMCs for your nonprofit organization, consider:

  • Years of experience
  • Client mix
  • Client loyalty
  • Staffing options
  • Capability
  • Leadership
  • Whether the firm has achieved AMC Institute Accreditation