Q. Can AMCs adapt to our organization’s culture? Will we lose the “personal touch” that members appreciate?

Your AMC staff functions very much like a staff that is directly employed. Staff specialists learn about your organization and issues. They care about your mission and members. And they come to work every day hoping to contribute and make a difference. AMCs are in the business of building your business.

Q. How long before an AMC can be effective for my organization?

The AMC model is built on the concept of experienced staff, proven practices and shared resources. Because AMCs have experience working with multiple associations and nonprofits, their experience and knowledge base are broad and substantial. An AMC’s staff specialists bring that experience to your organization’s programs, meetings, publications and general operation from day one.

Q. Will my association be able to maintain its identity after partnering with an AMC? Will members of my organization notice a difference?

Transitioning an organization’s operations to an AMC, or transitioning a project like an annual meeting, is a critical component in the long-term success of your partnership with the AMC. AMCs are experts in developing and managing such transitions. The transition strategy and implementation will be developed with guidance from association leaders to strike the right notes with volunteers, members and staff members to ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

Q. How can the AMC model fit into our existing business model? Is it one size fits all?

To capitalize on time and energy, AMCs provide associations and nonprofits a range of consulting services based on the needs of the organization.  By partnering with an AMC, you can customize the staff activity to meet your needs, maintain business continuity during leadership and staff changes, and ensure an affordable, high degree of professionalism, management expertise, and technology through shared resources.  Each client pays only for the hours of staff specialists put against specific tasks, providing you the benefit of professional expertise without the costs associated with hiring full-time staff.