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Virtual and Hybrid Events Are Here to Stay

Virtual and Hybrid Events Are Here to Stay
What does membership support require? It could mean hanging onto virtual and hybrid events.
By Megan Miller, CMP, VEMM, Director of Events, SBI Association Management

This blog post is posted with permission from SBI Association Management.

Think back to March 2020, when your board of directors had to cancel or postpone its annual conference. For association leaders, it was a frightening proposition. Annual conferences and other in-person events are crucial to the health and success of most associations—and not just for financial reasons. Events are touch points where associations become “real.” Fellow members become friends and trusted colleagues in the hallways of annual events. Board members and staff become accessible resources.

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Want to Make an Emotional Connection to Your Membership? Speak to Their Inner Superhero.

By Lindsay Jennings, Vice President of Business Development, SBI Association Management

Note: This post is re-published with permission from SBI Association Management 

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How to Effectively Communicate the Benefits of Your Association

How to Effectively Communicate the Benefits of Your Association
By Lisa Moore, Director of Membership, Raybourn Group International

Note: This post is re-published with permission from Raybourn Group International.

You may recall buying a new (or new-to-you) shiny car and having a crash course on using all the new bells and whistles at the dealership. Then you get home to fumble through how to use these bells and whistles and can’t remember how. Member benefits can be similar.

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Say 'Yes' to LMS! Ten ways LMS implementation benefits you!

This blog is reposted with permission from AMC Source. To see more articles like this, visit

There is no doubt that virtual learning is here to stay. And there is no better place for associations to feature, archive and assess association resources than in a learning management system (LMS). At AMC Source, we have spent years working with clients to ensure timely and robust programming. But how do we help with LMS implementation and programming efforts? Here are our top 10 ways we can help you create an informative and effective learning experience for your members using an LMS:

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Aren’t Toppings. They Are the Basic Ingredients to Your Association’s Success.

Note: This blog is reprinted from SBI Association Management

Before I purchased an association management company (AMC), I owned and ran a pizzeria. In that business, you have your basic ingredients: mozzarella cheese, the dough, the pizza sauce, maybe a little pepperoni. Of course, you offer a lot of extras: sausage, olives, even anchovies.

Some pizzerias often more exotic combinations that include pineapple.

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The Journey to the Governor’s Desk: Keys to Legislative Success

This guest blog entry was authored by Lori Conaway, CAE, Executive Director at Association Acumen

Earlier this spring, Act 23 was signed into law in the Wisconsin legislature. This was a momentous day for PAs in the state of Wisconsin. It was the culmination of years of work put in by countless leaders from the Wisconsin Academy of PAs (WAPA), along with a diverse and talented team of teams, who worked together over the years to bring the bill across the finish line.

Having joined the team in the role of Executive Director in late 2017, I have had the good fortune to be involved in the process of bringing this important update to become Wisconsin law. If you would like to read more about it, please visit the WAPA website I also have learned some valuable lessons about the legislative process. Here are a few tips and takeaways to keep in mind if your organization is embarking on a legislative endeavor in 2021:

Assemble your team and assign clear roles.
Assembling an effective team for legislative advocacy involves many parties, but in the Association Management Company (AMC) world, the primary groups typically consist of volunteer leaders, a lobbyist partner, and staff members. It is important that all parties are empowered to act within their respective capacities to ensure the most impactful presence on the legislative floor.

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